Over the years I have helped many sellers move a piece of furniture from one side of a room to the other to present the room to buyers or I’ve been called in to suggest the right color of paint for a wall but it wasn’t until this past year that I officially became a “certified” home stager.   Real estate sales is my lifetime career but I felt being able to assist both buyers and sellers in staging and redesign was an added value to my services.

Staged Homes Sell 50% Faster

Staged Homes Sell for 6-10% More

Does ‘staging’ really help?  I’m so convinced that your staged home will be more marketable and sell faster that I will even offer you ONE FREE HOUR OF MY TIME (a $75 value) if you are interested in listing your home for sale.

But let me warn you too – staging is simply enhancing your home ‘with the furniture and accessories you already have’.    Staging helps the buyer feel comfortable by making the space in your home feel welcoming, uncluttered, and draws a buyer in.  Rearranging furniture away from a wall, for instance, can actually make a room seem larger with a sense of harmony and order.

As a Realtor for more than 37 years, I have found that many sellers want to sell their home but they don’t take depersonalizing their home seriously.  Collections for instance may appeal to you but a rock collection or a doll collection may just look like clutter to a perspective homebuyer.   “When in doubt – take it out” is a bottom line for staging.    Think about a model home…your finished, staged home should resemble more the model home with its limited number of pictures and just a few items on the counter tops.  You can easily place your own furniture and accessories when you walk into a model home.  Let me help you set the stage to sell!

I love staging vacant homes too and I do this free of charge from my own inventory of accessories for some of my clients.  We can talk about this added value service when we discuss listing your home.