New Builds

Why should You use ME to buy a new construction home?

The Builder has representation – you should too!  The Builder doesn’t charge you more to have your own representation but has already built in the cost for Realtors as ‘buyer agents’.  No Cost to YOU!

“We were so thankful that we used Janet to help us with our new Beazer Home.   When there were problems with our community not being VA approved, Janet was there to help!  There was an issue with the appraisal – yes even new construction could potentially have a problem – Janet was there to help!   We are so thankful we had our own representation!  R&L, Indianapolis

Call me – ‘before’ you go to a new home community!  I need to sign you up with the builder to represent you!

You can even SAVE $$ if you include me as the agent for your new construction home AND you use me to sell your existing home – ask me about this before you talk with the new community rep!

Builders may want to use their own lender too – usually this is good and I’ll tell you why!  But you can be assured that I will represent you with your new build to help save you the most money – in several ways –  your cost of the home, your financing and also in closing costs.

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