Speedway…my dear old Speedway  (Yes, it’s where I grew up).

Home of the Speedway Sparkplugs and the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.

Speedway is less than a 15 minute drive from downtown Indianapolis from 16th street.  The high school which is located on W. 25th Street is exceptional when it comes to the percentage of college bound students graduating each year!  Most of the homes in Speedway were built in the early 60s or earlier.  Speedway is reasonably priced and is one of only a couple of incorporated towns within Marion County not considered a part of Indianapolis.

Speedway has always had more than the average small town in offering employment.  Through the years it has been home to large manufacturing plants such as Detroit Diesel Allisons, Rolls Royce, Union Carbide and more.  Main Street Redevelopment in the past few years has made the downtown area of Speedway a dynamic and vibrant place for residents and its hundreds of thousands of visitors each year between May and August.