Plainfield is due west of Indianapolis in Hendricks County.  The town is best reached from Washington street which runs right through the center of town in Indianapolis and becomes Highway 40 or the old National Road.  Leaving the circle from downtown Indianapolis and traveling along West Washington street one can reach Plainfield in less than 30 minutes.

One of the main attractions in Plainfield is the Metropolis Mall.  It is an open-air shopping center with national and local stores and restaurants.  Plainfield also has very close proximity to the Indianapolis International Airport.   There is lots of hiking and bike trails running through Plainfield and almost 500 acres of parkland.

Plainfield is also home of Splash Island Family Waterpark and the Chauteau Thomas Winery where wine tours are held and an assortment of musical entertainment in the summer.

Schools in Plainfield are in one of three districts – Plainfield, Avon or Mill Creek.