Bank Owned


We added some links for bank owned properties but just remember these points about Bank Owned Homes:

  • There may be a bidding process.  As experienced Realtors, we have completed the ‘approved real estate agent’ process to be an agent that the banks will work with – including selling HUD and VA properties and certain types of Fannie Mae homes listed on and more.
  • Bank Owned Homes have already gone through the foreclosure process.  They are not short sales.
  • You can easily search for bank owned homes on this site. Every Home Search block has a Foreclosed Home Search to make searching easy.   We can also set up a search for you through our client gateway at the local Board of Realtors site so you can automatically be notified of new listings of bank owned homes meeting your criteria.  Just let us know what you want included in the search.

Find HUD homes for sale in Indiana by clicking here.  You must use a licensed Realtor to make a bid from this site.   We can show you any HUD home and we are experienced in the process of submitting HUD bids.  If you see a HUD property on the MLS (BLC), we need to verify on the HUD Home Store that this property is still available.  It is the most current site for HUD homes.  Having sold many HUD homes – not every agent knows or keeps current on the process!  A mistake on the HUD forms can lose you the home even if have a winning bid!  Use an agent that is familiar with the process.    Find Fannie Mae properties for sale by clicking here.  Janet is a registered agent on the HomePath site and can submit bids for you.  We can show you any of these properties.  Just as with HUD bids, it is a specific bid process and must be submitted through the proper bidding process.  Use a Realtor that is familiar with making HomePath bids.


Having Trouble Paying Your Mortgage?

Don’t wait too long!  We can tell you what you need to do to avoid foreclosure or assist you with a short sale.   (See Short Sale page).   There are programs in Indiana that can help!  Do not avoid talking with your lender!  Instead, get information on how marketing your home to avoid further legal action works!  Lenders are happy to work with us  if they know we are promoting your property and you are cooperating in getting the home sold B4 foreclosure.