Demand Is High – It’s 2002 Again!

In 2001-2006 I used to have multiple offers all the time!  Then the big-slow down started creeping in and through most of 2012 it was a buyer’s market BUT IT IS BECOMING A SELLERS MARKET again.  The last five accepted offers I’ve gone back and forth on have had more than one offer when I submitted my buyer’s offer.  Prices are coming in so close to list and without a preapproval letter, a buyer is SOL!  This means two things!  Buyers can’t hesitate if they see a home of interest come on the market or it will be gone (of course it has to be priced right) AND Sellers who are interested in selling should contact me NOW!  Listings have been down about 23% in Indianapolis and all surrounding towns so inventory is low and demand is high.  Greenwood is Hot!  Carmel is Hot!  Avon and Brownsburg are Hot!  I’ll give you statistics so give me a call today.

Bad Feng Shui? A Broken Window Unmended!

Is an unmended broken window bad Feng Shui?  Of course it is!  Feng Shui says (warns) never to leave broken windows, even when unnoticeable.  They invite eye trouble!  And, for all those potential sellers out there, common sense says that a broken window leaves a potential buyer wondering what else is not good with the home that the homeowner has ignored doing.  More Feng Shui to follow soon……

Mortgage Forgivenes​s Debt Relief Act Extended

Congress has extended the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act for 2013.  This is very important to sellers who were not able to complete the sale of their home in 2012 by having their lender approve the sale of their home as a “short sale”.   The emails from Thad Merrill that I receive on a regular basis about changes in the real estate industry provided this video.   If you need further explanation, don’t hesitate to call or email me directly.  Janet Giles 317 997-7404 or  Thank You Congress!!!

Mortgage or Homestead Exemption

Just a reminder:  If you refinanced this year or if you purchased a home and the title company did not file your mortgage exemption for you then you need to file the mortgage exemption prior to close of business on December 31, 2012 or you will lose the exemption in 2013.

The Homestead Exemption does not need to be refiled if you refinanced; however, if you just purchased your home this year (and you are the owner-occupant and have no other property claiming the $45,000 exemption in Indiana) then the Homestead also needs filing prior to close of business on Monday, December 31.

IF you have done neither but have owned your home prior to 2010 and you have had a Homestead exemption filed previously, the assessor is asking that you REAFFIRM your Homestead in one of the years – 2010, 2011 or 2012.  If you have not REAFFIRMED that you legally are entitled to a Homestead Exemption during one of these years, you could lose the exemption if not reaffirmed by December 31, 2012.

Is a Skylight Good Feng Shui?

I just ran across some great Feng Shui “hints” – watch for more!  Is a Skylight Good Feng Shui?  YES!  Increasing the amount of light adds harmonious, healing energy to your home.  The author of Feng Shui in 5 Minutes goes on to say: Circular, oval or octagonal skylights are best.  The latest octagonal skylights feature added electric lighting, for nighttime use, and timber trims to enhance period homes.

I’m a Zillow premier agent!


Right now I am a premier agent only in the zip code 46237 but merely by being a premier agent my listings are given preferential treatment!  For instance, if I have a listing in 46060 (Noblesville), when someone sees that listing my name will show up as the person to contact – not a Zillow premier agent in that zip code.  This is great for all my sellers!  I’m hoping to buy more zip codes as they become available.

Community Pages on

My new website is a work continually in progress!  Look at the Community Pages – especially the Franklin Township and Greenwood pages to start and see all of features that I am adding to each community.  Feel free to email me at if you have something special about a certain community and would like for me to feature that information.  As I said, it is a work in progress to get fresh info on all of these communities so your help is always welcome.